Second Review Of Weed Smart

Second Review Of Weed Smart

This is our second review of This MOM dispensary’s customer service remained impeccable and the order was received in a timely manner. The package was professionally packaged and the weight of the product was accurate. The products were well labelled and organized.’s wide variety of quality flowers, concentrates and edibles will make this MOM your new, one-stop shop.

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Black Diamond

The large bud of the Black Diamond strain from glittered in a generous frosting of white, crystal trichomes. The incredibly dark, forest green bud had a dense, blue-black undertone; making a beautiful juxtaposition of colour. There were tiny, petite and finely spaced, goldenrod-orange pistils emerging throughout the nugget. There was a pungent, earthy, diesel(ly) and musky aroma that waifed from the bud.

When combusted; this rare, indica dominant strain offered by produced a silky smooth smoke and a unique flavour profile that was slightly arid. This subtly smooth and sweet strain had an earthiness that was superb and unforgettable. This strain is highly recommended for smoking connoisseurs as its flavour profile was unique and unmatched.

Black Diamond

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, the vapour produced was dense and aromatic; leaving a slightly sweet musk lingering pleasantly in the air. The flavour when vaped was subtle, slightly drying; with a sweet, berry earthiness that kept us coming back for more.

Black diamond produced feelings of happiness, as well as a euphoric and relaxing high that was highly introspective. Do not expect to be the life of the party with this rare and mellowing indica dominant hybrid. This strain would be perfect for a nighttime strain to treat insomnia; or in contrast, as a daytime strain used to treat chronic pain, appetite loss or nausea.

Phantom OG

Phantom OG sparkled with beautiful, diamond-like, opal-coloured,  crystal trichomes. The large nugget was splashed with a mixture of laurel, olive, forest and hunter greens and had bright, ochre-coloured pistils bursting forth from the bud. The flowers had a fresh, citrus fragrance with a spicy, herbal overtone that reminded me of a fresh, warm and sunny; spring day.

When combusted; a strong, nearly overwhelming lemon flavour exploded in my mouth. Although surprising; it was an incredible pleasure to experience the spicy and sour lemon flavour that delivered with Phantom OG. This surprising little gem was another rare, indica dominant hybrid that produced dense clouds of smooth, refreshing smoke that left a slight hint of spearmint in the air; as a sweet reminder of the hit that was just completed.

Phantom OG

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower; the vapour produced was fresh, incredibly light, smooth and it dissipated quickly leaving a subtle fragrance of mint. Mint was also prevalent in the flavour of the vapour; in contrast to combustion. There was also an arid, earthy flavour underneath a fresh lemon zest, making Phantom OG a must try for vaping and smoking connoisseurs alike.

The high from this delightful little strain was creeping; slowly edging the user towards a relaxed, calm, uplifted and euphoric state of Nirvana. This deep and introspective reflection could be interrupted by therapeutic fits of uncontrollable giggles.

Phantom OG seductively enveloped me in a full body high that lifted, cushioned and insulated me like a warm sauna, after a cold water bath. This powerfully sedating strain treats insomnia, moderate to severe pain, anxiety, depression, appetite loss and nausea and has also been used to treat arthritis.

Granddaddy Purple

The sweet, berry and herbal aroma of Granddaddy Purple waifed up, as I stared at the beautiful, trichome-coated, large and medium nuggets before me. The flower was mostly olive and hunter green in complexion at the base of the bud; much like a carpet of varying, coloured moss; except the deep, violet colouring splashed overtop of the green. This left several leaves painted with a vibrant purple overlay. There were also ochre pistils bursting forth from the bud; making a wild and beautiful juxtaposition of colour.

When combusted, Granddaddy Purple delivered a smooth smoke on both inhale and exhale.
The smoke was rich, dense and left a sweet and herbal aroma drifting in the air.
There was a spicy aridness and a subtle grape flavour, reminiscent of a fine red wine. This indica dominant hybrid was incredibly easy to smoke; but novices, have a couch handy!

Granddady Purple

Granddaddy Purple

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, the vapour produced tasted heavily of an earthy, spicy and herbaceous flavour; with a very slight hint of berry beneath the surface. The vapour was copious, dense and had a spicy kick that liked to bite back; have water handy for a rescue if required.

Granddaddy Purple produced relaxation, euphoria and heavy sedation. There was a calm focus that could be achieved if I tried; however, Granddaddy Purple was best as a nighttime medication. There was a cerebral, uplifting and mindful euphoria coupled with a soft, full body high that would be an excellent pain reliever. This heavy indica also treats insomnia, appetite loss, stress, anxiety and arthritis.‘s Granddaddy Purple is an unbeatable price for such a top notch strain.

Apollo 13

The large and medium; well cured and densely compressed nuggets had a large blanket of microscopic, white crystal trichomes that glittered like newly fallen snow. The beautiful nuggets had a magnitude of colours including a deep, army green; laurel, fern, and hunter greens; finishing with a superb blue-green pine hue. These alluring buds were among the most beautifully dried and well cured that we’ve seen; and this incredibly rare and sought after strain was in-of-itself gorgeous!

Apollo 13

Apollo 13

The pungent, earthy and spicy herbal fragrance with citrus undertones was apparent the second the nuggets ground up into a fine, perfect texture; meant for both vapes and bongs.

This highly sought after strain smoked beautifully; leaving only a slight tingle in the throat as a reminder of the spectacular hit that was consumed. The flavour of the smoke was slightly arid and had a spicy, herbaceous taste and produced a smooth, dense cloud of smoke that dissipated quickly.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, the vapour produced was spicy and transformative; melding an herbal earthiness with a pleasant, fruity undertone. The flavours transformed: there was a refreshingly spicy; almost minty taste that felt as if it was clearing your sinuses.

The high was uplifting and happy; with a creative energy and a euphoric, relaxed mindset. This extremely rare strain is only available to a select few Canadian MOM dispensaries and luckily; is one of the few. Furthermore, offers these rare and highly sought after flowers at a fraction of the cost of the competition. DispensaryGTA highly recommends Apollo 13 as a must try strain for any serious cannabis connoisseur and even for novices; who have a taste for the finer things.

Blue Mataro

The sweet, refreshing fragrance of Blue Mataro waifed into my nostrils when I opened the bag. It had an earthy and herbal aroma; its large, densely compressed nugs were hunter green with heavy blue undertones and had speckles of bright, orange-red pistils covered in tiny crystal trichomes.

When combusted, this rare indica dominant hybrid produced a smooth and airy smoke and left a slight berry fragrance in the air. There was an earthy flavour; as well as, the aforementioned berry and the flavour profile finished off with a sweet and herbal taste.

Blue Mataro

Blue Mataro

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, the vapour produced was light and airy; with a heavily arid, earthy, spicy, and herbal aroma and flavour that lingered. Have water handy for this powerful, rare indica dominant hybrid.

The high of Blue Mataro was heavy hitting and fast acting. Have a couch or bed handy and do not expect to do much of anything other than stare at a screen. This perfect nighttime strain treats insomnia, moderate to severe pain, appetite loss and nausea.

Silver Haze

The earthy, skunky, and fresh pungent aroma smashed our sinuses the minute we opened the ziplock. I pulled out quite possibly the largest bud I have ever seen. The well cured, laurel green, massive nugget had a miniscule sugar-like dusting of white, crystal trichomes and dark orange pistils.

Silver Haze

Silver Haze

When combusted, Silver Haze was amazing. It was velvety smooth; yet, it managed to be refreshing and made me want more. The smoke produced had a dry, arid earthy flavour; be sure to have water on hand as this dry mouth remained throughout the high. Silver haze from comes highly recommended from DispensaryGTA for smoking enthusiasts and novices alike; as the smoke from this strain is easy on the lungs.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, there was a deep, sweet and pine fragrance that lingered in the air and as an aftertaste long after the hit was completed. Silver haze produced copious amounts of rich and dense vapour that was smooth as silk and stimulating.’s silver haze produced uplifted feelings and euphoria; along with creative waves and an energetic happiness. Silver Haze was a pleasure to review and rare enough that when you find it; it won’t last long.

High Heat Extracts Blue Dream Shatter

High Heat Extracts Blue Dream Shatter’s High Heat Extracts Blue Dream Shatter was a delicately thin, perfectly compressed, golden amber and translucent slab of gorgeous cannabis concentrate. The Blue Dream shatter was made from a premium nug run and further purged for over 100 hours. There was a reserved and subdued, earthy aroma that was only noticeable when I stuck my nose inside the bag.

When vaped with the Atmos Jr, the vapour left a sharp, slightly arid taste in my mouth. There was also a smokey earthiness to the flavour of the vapour; with a hint of contrasting flavour profiles: sweet blackberry versus a spicy heat that lingered on as a drying aftertaste.

The high from this sativa dominant hybrid was focused, relaxed, euphoric and uplifting; there were creative moments in which it was difficult to keep track of the ideas soaring by. The Blue Dream shatter continued to impress as it seductively crept up and placed me in a warm, comfortable, protective, full body cocoon where stress, appetite loss, anxiety, nausea, depression and pain could not penetrate.


MOTA Cola Bottles

Please see our detailed edibles post to get a comprehensive guide to how to consume edibles.

Mota Cola Bottles

Mota Cola Bottles

These tasty little treats by, were a total of 100mg of delicious, sativa, THC candy cola delights. The Moto Cola Bottle package contained five 20mg pieces of cola flavoured candy. We thought these bottle candies tasted more like Pepsi than Coke.

There was no flavour of cannabis and the cola gummy candies tasted fresh. There was a slight chemical aftertaste; however, it was a similar flavour that I have observed in other, normal gummy candies.

The high from the Moto Cola Candies was subtly invigorating, refreshing and energetic without being intrusive or overwhelming. The cerebral high brought a calming, full body mindfulness that lasted many hours.

Orange Jelly Bomb & Cherry Jelly Bomb (80mg THC)

Cherry Jelly Bomb (80mg THC)

These delicious delights will leave you feeling satisfied; any time of day. We consumed these gummies over an entire day and felt the effects commence an hour after consuming these delightfully fruity treats.

The Cherry Jelly Bombs were reminiscent of a sweet, cherry cough syrup; while, on the other hand, the Orange Jelly Bombs reminded me of Orange Crush soda. These gummies provided a reliable way to discreetly and accurately dose and maintain the active medicinal ingredients found in cannabis.

Lemon Haze Vape Oil

We sampled two flavours of the CO2 pressure extracted, pure cannabis oil produced by V.I.C.E (Vancouver Island Cannabis Extracts).

The initial flavour was the ever-popular, sativa dominant hybrid; Lemon Haze. It was flavoured obviously after its namesake and produced light and airy clouds of daytime medicinal vapour. We greatly enjoyed the lemon flavour of this vape and found it reminiscent of a warm, breezy, summer’s day. We also found the flavour to be strong and long-lasting.

Nuken Vape Oil

The Nuken cartridge was filled with 600mg of oil and had 513mg THC and 1.3 MG of CBD.

Nuken Vape Oil

Nuken Vape Oil

This strain was created by crossing genetics from Kish and God Bud.

Nuken was deeply relaxing and produced a superb feeling of sedation and an almost, complete relief of anxiety. This indica dominant hybrid had vapour that produced an earthy and sweet flavour that lasted long after the hit was completed. This strain was highly enjoyable and a favourite of DispensaryGTA and we recommended this for anyone needing to medicate during the day.

Our conclusion on WeedSmart: has an impeccable selection of exotic, rare and limited strains. They have hand-picked, beautifully cured buds that prove this MOM dispensary is dedicated to upholding some of the highest standards in the industry.

The prices for some of these rare, hard-to-find strains cannot be beaten and are incredibly affordable (I was expecting the price for these buds to be way higher).’s customer service remained top-notch and their website was easy to use. Nowadays, it takes more to retain a good and intelligent customer and strives to be the best at what they do.

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