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Nuken (AAA)

  • CAD 7.00

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Tags:  anxietyrelaxgood moodhybrid

Indica % Sativa %
Purity / Potency
Pain Relief

Nuken is a hybrid created in Canada which is created from a mix of Shishkaberry and God Bud strains. While it is mostly indica, it is a strain which leaves people able to enjoy their hobbies and lives while high. Nuken is a plant which is very suitable for indoor growing, as it has a smell that is not very pungent, while still being pleasant. The smell overall is described as being sweet and fresh, with overtones of earth and herbs. Nuken is not recommended for first time users, but it is definitely something that people who like indica in particular should try at some point.

Medically speaking: the way Nuken cannabis works makes it absolutely perfect for use in combating depression. Since it is mostly indica, this seems unusual, since indica is the strain which acts as a depressant – you would expect it to be contraindicated for that purpose. But Nuken is a particularly balanced strain, with the depressant effects being relegated to deep relaxation and happiness. Sleepiness is not really a feature. Depression and stress are therefore easily handled with some Nuken, particularly since it is not a strain which causes much in the way of anxiety at all. After depression and stress, this strain is used to combat pain, since the relaxation which people experience can lead to them feeling relief from their pain, or from the condition which causes it. Muscle spasms and headaches in particular would be relieved by using Nuken, as relaxation is good.

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