List of 21 Trippy Websites You Have to Visit While Stoned

List of 21 Trippy Websites You Have to Visit While Stoned


It’s pretty apparent that smoking weed and chilling out are closely intertwined, especially if you’re smoking some killer couch-lock indica.

In those dire moments, it’s sometimes too complicated to find a proper wave that your mind can ride, especially because all the awesome TV shows can be too demanding (even if it’s Seinfeld), when your attention span lasts for just a couple of seconds.

Playing video games can also be somewhat gruesome in these situations, because you have to move you hands and constantly think about things, so finding the decent combination of fun and not having to overthink (and overdo) stuff is definitely a true predicament.

This is where these strange trippy sites come into place. Even though the ones listed below won’t necessarily make you laugh like Ferret Baransky’s survival guides do, they will surely give you something to think about.

I tried to cover the widest array of weirdness possible, so to speak, and hopefully there will be something for every type of stoner there is.

We’re not going to go into depths with the descriptions of these websites, so you can have a sweet element of surprise with every new tab opened.

So here they are, the absolute comprehensive collection of the trippiest sites available online, at the grasp of your THC-glued fingertips.

Light up, get faded, and enjoy.

When you open this site your keyboard becomes a musical and animation instrument. You can play with different sounds and colourful animations by pressing different keys from A to Z.

If you want to be slightly weirded out by a pen pal AI, hit up CleverBot.

And trust me, this is one of those things you want to be weirded out with.

This one isn’t as interactive as the previous two, but the selection of inserts on Neave will trip you right back to the stone age.

Here is how to use it:

Left click with your mouse to sift through video clips. Seriously, that’s it.

Animated GIF

If you are in a creative mood, this website is for you. Choose the color and draw your personal nebula.

Who doesn’t like sandcastles? Now you can make it with one click and wait to see how slowly it will be washed away. Truly calming website.

If you’re not the biggest fan of the former commander-in-chief of the US, you’ll adore this one.

Pro tips: collect all the peaches, and be careful not to overheat the laser gun.

When you’re super-baked and would love to go anywhere outside (but can’t actually move your legs), Zoom Quilt has your back.

Just sit back, and let the ride continue to infinity and beyond.

If you have a sudden urge to check out all the planes and aircrafts currently flying all around the world, well, Flight Radar lets you do exactly that.

You’ll be surprised by the meditative qualities of this aerial experience.

If you don’t feel like clicking any keys and simply want to watch something that moves, check out Endless Forest. This site will walk you through the colorful forest from the convenience of your chair.

Like watching a hippo enjoying the water? This is the right thing for you. And the right song.

You can spend a crazy amount of time on this one.

Awesome for stress release, Eel Slap is a frustration-curing ultra-simple website. Several minutes of this will have you feeling relaxed and ready for life’s new challenges.

Another great unwinder, this site will boost your serenity and calmness.

One time simply won’t suffice; this author had to paint these nails a couple of times before moving on to the next one.

If you’re up for a challenge, the Revolving Internet is just what the doctor ordered. Perform a quick test of your skills, and please don’t stay too long, or at least have a barf-bag with you at all times.

Great website to test your hearing and play good old hot and cold game. In other words, you will spend some time listening to audio and trying to find the cow.

Perfect for insanely baked individuals, you’ll love the look on the poor cube’s face when the cursor exits its field of view. Just don’t torture it too much though, have a heart.

These various nature sounds from around the globe will help you to easily dive into relaxation after your next smoking session.

Looking to spend some cash money on something completely unnecessary and ridiculous?

Don’t worry, we got you covered. Just click on the “please” button, and this site will guide you to your next fabulous unwanted-in-morning cop.

If space travel simulation is what you require in your high as a kite stage, this orbits visualizer will certainly fulfill your requirements.

There are a couple of nifty options available, and don’t forget to enter fullscreen mode with your trusty F11 button.

Another old-school marvel, Cat Bounce will lift your already high spirits to new heights; we recommend you grab and flick a cat, and see long it takes before it reappears!

Looking for new ways to hypnotize yourself? Falling falling will result in exactly this outcome, and make sure to turn your speakers/headphones on.

PS – it doesn’t work if you’re color blind.

If you were born less than 20 years ago, you might wanna see how people used to look in the 1980’s.

It’s like science fiction, but in reverse.


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