Alicia Savoury  -  04/07/2019

This batch was a little higher in THC so that made it little strong for me. It only took a small amount to get a buzz and it lasted long. Very potent strain. Better for night time for ppl like myself who have kids to tend to during the day. Great for sleep.

Bob  -  21/03/2019

I have been using high CBD for over a year for Fibro and Crohn's and it really does help with pain - was on oxycotin for a year.

This is the highest CBD anywhere (more importantly the medical cannabis companies only have up to 17% CBD) and ACDC, like their music rocks.

One more thing, all cannabis bought from this site has been great quality and NOT DRY at all. Nice and slightly moist. And thanks for the free gram too.. amazing people

Franklin  -  14/03/2019

ACDC is one of my favourites. It’s amazing – it works so effectively for me and is becoming my go-to strain

Kimberly  -  11/03/2019

Fast delivery, all four strains were good, especially golden goat and zombie og!
Thanks for free gram present!

Melinda  -  09/03/2019

The flower is great, the prices are great! What more is there to say?