Guide to Different Types of Bongs

Guide to Different Types of Bongs


In this Information to Diverse Kinds of Bongs, we will go above the distinctive kinds of Bongs that are well-known now.  There are a multitude of various bong varieties, designs, components,, and patterns, from Modest Glass Bongs and Substantial Beaker Glass Bongs, to Acrylic and Metallic Bongs.

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What Defines a “Bong”?

As most of you might know, a bong is a drinking water-filtered using tobacco product for cigarette smoking dry herbs or concentrates. Also recognized as a water pipe, the term bong is originally derived from the Thai word “bang” which is a lengthy cylinder or tube, usually designed from bamboo, and also made use of for using tobacco herbs.

Why is Smoke Working with a Bong?

So why use a bong for cigarette smoking herbs?  When smoking herbs, a flame is made use of to combust the herbs in the bowl, and the smoke is pulled into the lungs. With a usual dry pipe, the smoke is very hot and incorporates virtually all the carbons and plant resins, which could most likely irritate the smoker’s lungs or throat with recurring use.  The bong offers added drinking water filtration to the mix. The downstream of the bong goes below the water and as the herb is burned the smoke passes through the drinking water which not only cools the smoke but also filters out some of the stickier resins and heavier carbons, which will remain in the h2o to be cleaned out afterwards.  This course of action results in a smoother, cooler using tobacco expertise for the bong smoker.

Best Kind of Bong Products

Bongs can be created from a wide range of diverse materials, the most common of which are Glass, Metallic, Ceramic, Silicone,, and Acrylic. Glass bongs are typically the most well-known, and for fantastic motive!

Metal Bongs

Metal bongs are generally utilised for a a lot quicker sneak a toke type piece, these kinds of as the well known thermos bong, which seems to be like a thermos until it is unpacked and a bowl inserted in the facet. They typically feature a matching steel bowl, which is not the most effective choice for repeated use. Also due to the porous mother nature of the brushed steel, it will be hard to get fully thoroughly clean soon after weighty use.

Ceramic Bongs

Ceramic bongs are the primary artwork bongs, in advance of the glass scene took off, individuals would make ceramic styles, like skulls, wizards, or crazy artwork designs, out of ceramic clay, which is then fired and glazed. These supply a superior cigarette smoking knowledge than Metallic bongs, but won’t final as extensive as a excellent glass bong.  Ceramic bongs frequently feature a metal bowl as nicely, which is not the best for taste or wellbeing.

Silicone Bongs

Silicone bongs are created out of polysiloxane rubber, which is temperature resistant and difficult to crack, but typically manufactured in china, and can include unsafe resources for recurring smoking cigarettes. With time and recurring cleansing, the product can also become much more porous, and commence to trap resins, carbon, and probably mould, producing it incredibly challenging to get completely cleanse.

Acrylic Bongs

Acrylic is the worst variety of bong, getting manufactured out of acrylic plastic, it is not incredibly excellent for flavor, can’t be cleaned thoroughly, is not pretty warmth resistant, and is not nutritious to smoke out of.  The only true advantage is the lower price tag.  We would advise preventing these bongs.  Even a seashell off the seaside will give you a far better using tobacco encounter.

Glass Bongs

This delivers us to the very best kind of bong, the glass bong.  Glass bongs are normally produced from  a person of two styles of glass, Borosilicate Glass or Tricky Glass, and Gentle Glass or Soda Lime Glass.

Borosilicate Bongs

Borosilicate glass employs boric acid in its generation, which results in improved energy and acid resistance,  and has a coefficient of thermal enlargement of 33, generating it far better for repeated heating and cooling applications. These are some of the greatest glass bongs you can invest in.

Tender Glass Bongs

Gentle Glass or Soda Lime Glass,, on the other hand, utilizes soda and lime in its manufacturing, which lowers the melting point of the glass and would make it a lot easier to manipulate when very hot.  This comfortable glass has a coefficient of thermal growth of 90, 96, or 104, and it is not as good with thermal shock as borosilicate. For this cause, smooth glass bongs have a tendency to be thick glass bongs with some heft to them. Moreso than their borosilicate bong counterparts.  Both of those forms of glass are fantastic, with borosilicate getting a bit of an edge because of to its strength.

Sorts of Glass Bong Patterns

Glass Bongs arrive in a multitude of patterns and can be made use of for a variety of kinds of smoking, Compact Dab Bongs are utilized for dabbing concentrates, or you could pick a large beaker bong for highest water capability for your herbs. Whichever form of glass bong you select, they all perform in mainly the identical method.  Smoke travels the downstream, through the water,, and out the mouthpiece.  The major variances will be in sizing, form of percolator, and over-all design and style and shades.

Compact Dab Bongs

These bongs are frequently utilized for smoking concentrates. The quantity of the piece, each air,, and water, will usually be smaller sized and they generally have nominal percolation or filtration.  This is simply because concentrates now have the plant subject and carbons eliminated from them, and extra filtration removes extra of the energetic substances than any probable contaminants. In its place of applying a Glass Bong Bowl, they usually use a Quartz Banger to vaporize concentrates.

Glass Beaker Bongs

These glass beaker bongs are so named simply because they resemble a glass lab beaker on the bottom.  This beaker form not only offers more volume for drinking water, but also a really steady foundation for the piece.  Ordinarily these water bongs are built for smoking herbs, as the huge volume of water provides great filtration and cooling of the smoke.  You will also have to have a glass bong bowl to position your herbs in as properly as a downstream, normally incorporated with the bong.

Round Base Bongs

Also recognised as bubble base bongs, these bongs have a significant sphere at the base of the piece, for keeping optimum drinking water capability, related to beaker bongs.  Spherical bottom bongs are quite stable due to the big base although not as stable as beaker bongs by style.  These huge glass bongs are mainly for smoking herb, though you could also smoke concentrates with a banger attachment.

Decide the variety of glass bong that suits your wants and your using tobacco choices and you’ll be traveling superior in no time.


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