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Gorilla Glue 4 (GG4)

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Product Code: Gorilla Glue 4

The GG 4 strain or the Gorilla Glue #4 Cannabis Strain is a highly potent hybrid strain of marijuana commonly considered as one of the strongest strain worldwide due to offering a heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, which leaves a user firmly on the couch, enjoying. The GG Seeds created the multi-award winning strain by blending Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel strains. Its name comes from the sticky trichomes in it that make it sticky. The strain boasts of 30 percent THC content, a product with sour, sweet, earthiness, chocolate berry and pine flavors and a short maturing period of eight to nine weeks. All these properties make the strain challenging to pass up together with its medical benefits and positive effects while its side effects caution its users on its use.  

The GG #4 strain provides various medical benefits. One of the main advantages of using this strain is to manage pain. The high levels of THC give the strain with the abilities to fight pain by releasing pressure from the body.  Two, it relieves stress by providing a user with a hard-hitting high that renders one immobile, stimulate emotions and fight thoughts uplifting one’s spirit and mood. Three, it cures depression by its high THC levels facilitating the increased production of dopamine hormone that boosts a user’s mood and create a euphoria, which fights off depression. Four, it relieves insomnia as its strong high soothes a user, giving them comfort and relaxation that induces sleep. Five, it alleviates the problem of lack of appetite. It does so by eliciting the production of hunger-promoting hormones making a user feel hungry often. 

The strain also attracts positive effects. First, it makes a user feel relaxed by providing an intense high that locks one in the couch, stimulating the body and mind into a dreamy and calm atmosphere, relieving the body of physical tension and clearing the mind enabling one to relax. Second, it makes the user euphoric. The THC content enters the bloodstream and generating a buzz that inflicts the user with happiness, and feelings of contentment. Third, it makes a user happy by its strong high providing a head to toe experience that boosts one’s mood, makes one light, free, giggly and melt all worries away. Fourth, it causes sleepiness by eliciting a strong relaxation effect that makes it easy for users to drift off to sleep peacefully. Additionally, it uplifts a user by increasing one’s wellness, improving their mood, motivation and eliciting joy.

The GG 4 strain brings about adverse effects. One it facilitates the development of dry mouth and dry eyes. These conditions are prevalent as the THC in it influences receptors working in the mouth and the eyes by inhibiting their proper functioning. Consequently, the salivary glands fail to produce saliva resulting in the mouth becoming dry. In the eyes, the affected receptors make the eye glands fail to produce tears, eliciting the drying of eyes. The strain induces paranoia by magnifying a user’s thoughts, feelings and fears, and making the user treat them as reality. It also induces dizziness by creating an imbalance between the high blood pressure and the decreased blood flow to the heart causing one to feel weak and dizzy. Moreover, it creates anxiety by altering the functioning of the amygdala that controls the processing of fear, overexciting it leading to anxiety.

In conclusion, the GG 4 strain is one of the most potent strains of weed in the world winning numerous awards due to its supremacy. Its strength brings about medical benefits, positive effects and also adverse outcomes. 

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