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BestPot: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the price so high? What differs you from others?

A: Our cannabis is simply the best. Our suppliers are 15+ years into licensed medical and recreational cannabis growing (BC). When you smoke our pot – you do not just inhale useless smoke (low potency), with us – you consume the purest, most potent and one of the healthiest cannabis in Canada. We are proud of what we do and we will never compromise on quality. True quality is never cheap.

Q: How do I pay for my order?

A: we accept Interac® e-Transfer Secure Bank payments.

Interac® e-Transfer Instructions:
Send e-Transfer to: best.payments@protonmail.com
Security Question: Canada?
ANSWER TO USE: quality
Please allow us up to 3 hours to deposit the funds and start your order. Thank you!

Q: What are your guarantees?


✔️100% Delivery Guarantee!
✔️100% weight on scale Guarantee!
✔️2  months 0% potency loss Guarantee!* (if unpacked and kept under the temp. of 18 °C).
✔️Top Cannabis Quality in Canada!

✔️No Pesticides Present Guarantee!


Q: Where and who do you ship to?

A: We ship within Canada only and to adults only. We do not service accounts that have not been ID Legal age verified.

Q : Age & account verification process?

A: Upload an ID into your account. Your ID must be a Governmental Issued ID with a valid expiration date. This is a One-Time Legal Age & Account Verification Requirement. *You must display the same ID when the order is received.

Q: How secure my account and BestPotDelivery.ca is?

A: Your personal information and your transactions are as secure as they can be. All transactions are secured with SSL channels and certificates. All information is stored in a secure and protected environment.

Q: Do you use pesticides?

A: Regarding our suppliers and pesticides: according to the regulations producers have to stop using pesticides 2 weeks before harvest.

However, our producers rarely use pesticides at all and if they do - it is only in vegetative state (10 weeks before harvest, long before the flowers are formed), and only Canada Health Approved Organic components.

Meaning that we care about your health and we will only provide the best product that is available.

Q: Missed package weight?

A: Highly unlikely but if so – contact BestPotDelivery.ca, and we will make it up. It’s a promise!

Q: Shipping and delivery?

A: We ship through Canada Post; we comply with the shipping requirements. Deliveries take 2-3 business days on average. Flat rate shipping fee $15 is paid by the customer when order is placed. 

Q: Do you add free stuff?

A: Let that be a surprise for you!)

Q : Do you offer a discount?

A: We offer regular and promotional (conditional) discounts. Order 14 grams and get 10% off. Order 28 grams and get 20% off. 

Q: Why was my package sent with a “Signature Required”?

A: We must eliminate a chance of us shipping to an underage person. ID up on registration and up on delivery is a must. We must protect our youth until they are old enough to make adult choices and decisions.

Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: Depends, please contact our customer support ASAP.

Q: Do you ship outside of Canada?

A: No.

Q: What differs AAA from AAAA and AAAA+?

A: The difference is in the product's physical properties and effects. Physical properties would include: look, smell, stickiness and more. Effects would include: amount of product you need to consume to get the desired effect; how long the effects last for and how clean the effects are. With AAAA+ you consume less but get the highest (it is our purest product). Regardless, with BestPotDelivery.ca even AAA would hit you quite strongly, especially when compared to the rest of online dispensaries. On BestPotDelivery.ca the difference between AAA / AAAA / AAAA+ is very real and noticeable.

Q: 24/7 Customer Support?

A: Yes.

Q : Who is eligible to enter and shop on BestPotDelivery.ca?

A: Only qualified (ID Verified) customers over the age of 19 who live in Canada are able to purchase cannabis through our site. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

Q : Refunds?

A: No refunds, all sales are final. Yet, we will not leave you hanging; we will work with you to find a mutually suitable solution to continue our cooperation.

Q: Do you sell weed in bulk?

A: No bulk sales, no bulk discounts.

Q: What is cannabis used for?

A: It is used for many reasons. According to our customer’s feedback marijuana consumption helps them with:

Pain relief; Sleep Disorders; Inflammation; Epilepsy; Reducing eye pressure; Appetite disorders; Abdominal pains; Arthritis; Depression; Stress Migraines (Headaches); Fibro; Anxiety and much more.

Age Verification
You must be over the age of 19 to view and order the products on this website. If you are not 19 as of today, we will not ship any of our products to you.