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Death Bubba AAAA+ Live Resin

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Death Bubba AAAA+ Live Resin

An Indica-dominant Hybrid strain, Death Bubba strain is a cross between Death Star and Bubba Kush at 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. A popular strain in the cannabis world, Death Bubba is one of the most potent Hybrid strains in the market right now with a very high THC level.

Distinguishing Features of Death Bubba AAAA+ Live Resin

Death Bubba Resin has a light amber to dark amber color. The crystals look almost translucent and glossy, and they also appear crumbly and delicate in appearance. When you touch the resin, they feel soft and very sticky. Death Bubba Resin also feels buttery and can easily crumble when touched.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile of Death Bubba AAAA+ Live Resin

One of the strongest strains with a very high THC content, laboratory report showed that Death Bubba strain’s THC level can reach as high as 25% to 27%. In resin form though, its THC level can range anywhere between 70% and 85% with CBD levels of about less than 5%.

Flavors and Aromas of Death Bubba AAAA+ Live Resin

Death Bubba Resin has an interesting mix of aroma. You will get a whiff of muskiness and earthiness with robust tones of lemon as well as pine. You will also get hints of gas, berry, and skink. As for its flavors, it tastes sweet and lemony with traces of pine.

Effects of Death Bubba AAAA+ Live Resin

Death Bubba Resin produces a very strong relaxing and sedating effect. It leaves your whole mind and body completely relaxed, pain free, and very sleepy. This cannabis extract is also known to produce powerful euphoric and uplifting benefits that can wash away your anxiety as well as reduce your stress level.

Medical Conditions

These effects make Death Bubba Resin a good cannabis concentrate for nighttime use. A small dab can help ease away your insomnia and relax your painful joints as well as muscles. It can also take the edge off of your depression and anxiety. Death Bubba Resin can also help people with appetite loss since this strain induces appetite.

Side Effects of Death Bubba AAAA+ Live Resin

Because of its very potent THC level, Death Bubba Resin can make your mouth and eyes feel dry. Its high THC content can also make you feel more anxious. It may also trigger a little paranoia. To avoid these unpleasant side effects, care should be taken when using Death Bubba Resin, especially if you’re new to cannabis extracts.

Where to Buy Death Bubba AAAA+ Live Resin

For premium quality cannabis concentrates and extracts, you can order Death Bubba Resin from one of the top online weed dispensaries in Canada, bestpotdelivery.ca. We offer not only premium grade cannabis products but fast shipment of items and smart price as well. For inquiries, you may contact us through their 24/7 live chat support.

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