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Cotton Candy Kush (AAAA+)

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The use of cannabis in health operations and treatment has been a long-time talked about controversy in the medical field across the globe. It was not surprised how people reacted negatively to marijuana as a medical option knowing that this psychoactive chemical illicit drug has been reported leading to increasing work accidents, physical and cognitive malfunctioning, as well as, social and interpersonal deficits in numerous areas in many Western nations since 1970. However, as research and medical practitioners’ attested, medical marijuana shows promising effects in reducing chronic pain from a pervasive quantity of causes, including spinal cord maladies and injury, cancer, glaucoma and other debilitating ailments. In fact, various controlled scientific studies have confirmed the therapeutic advantage of cannabis, particularly, in lowering the cases of 15,000 Americans dying from overdoses prescription of opiates in establishing the same medicinal effect (“Should Marijuana be a Medical Option”, 2018). Cannabis plant containing the mind-altering chemical, THC has been dominant in the US with several strains. One of the famous marijuana strains is the Cotton Candy Kush which is believed to be great at managing mood disorders, and inflammation. In this article, Cotton Candy Kush Strain will be briefly discussed including its characteristics and medical implications of both positive & negative interventions.

Kandy Kush is a high-yielding and high THC plant produced through hybridization of two Lavender indica and sativa powerhouses namely Trainwreck and OG Kush. Cotton Candy Kush is an indica-dominant strain plant with a THC content slightly above average in cultivation. The strain derived its name from the lemony smell that can be picked up in smoking due to the combination of pungent yet plain aroma with a spicy-pepper like and sweet berry flavor taste making the mouth water in anticipation. This strain has been popular because of its potency and euphoric effects in providing comforting powers that will retain pain and tension to a minimum (Franciosi, 2016). 

Like other strain of marijuana, Cotton Candy Kush Strain elicit both positive and negative implications for medical operations and healthcare. Kandy Kush generally leaves an intense cerebral effect characterized by a powerful happy, uplifted and relaxed feeling because of increasing production of dopamine in the body (“Cotton Candy Kush”, 2018). The euphoric effects of Kandy Kush made it ideal for doctors in treating chronic pain with persistent symptoms including back pains, migraines, and joint aches. In addition, lack of appetite has been proven also to distinctly improve the strain by stimulating the desire for food and spoiling the appetite. In fact, one user claimed how Kush help him to finish three meals without feeling loaded.  A number of recommendations by some medical experts also revealed how this hybrid deals effectively with mood disorders such as bipolar disorder, depression, and insomnia. Though the calming effects and feeling of love brought by the Kush cannot alleviate the physical manifestations of the disease, the strain still manages to mitigate stress and anxiety for at least time (Franciosi, 2016).

Aside from the beneficial effects of Cotton Candy Kush, a number of health disadvantages also arise with the utilization of the strain. One of the adverse reaction of the hybrid includes physical dehydration bringing about dry mouth and itchy eyes which were entirely caused by high THC levels of the Kush and its all-around potency. Mild anxiety, slight paranoia, and dizziness were also observed to take effect when a person started to be drug-dependent to the strain (Bergman, 2017). Although the adverse reactions of Cotton Candy Kush Strain can be dealt easily and almost non-existent, it is indeed necessary for an individual to use any forms of medicinal drugs moderately and appropriately. It is because everything that is too much, whether it's marijuana, opiate or any other tranquilizer, if is being abused will always be bad and dangerous to our health.

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BruceLee - 27/02/2019

My favorite strain, after Vanilla Kush! Smokes great and tastes so freaking good

Canada - 14/02/2019

I was looking for such product for a long time. I even want eat it!)))

Lesley - 07/02/2019

I would suggest this for chronic pain sufferers, cancer patients, and those worth chronic nausea. I suggest that it be both Vaped or smoked and taken in edibles to prolong the effect. This gave me a pretty rabid case of the munchies though.

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