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Bluefin Tuna AAAA+ Diamonds

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Bluefin Tuna AAAA+ Diamonds

Bluefin Tuna strain is an Indica-dominant strain at 75% Indica and 25% Sativa. This Hybrid strain was made by crossing two cannabis strains known for their potency and effects. You have Blueberry as well as Tuna Kush. With genetics like these, you can expect that Bluefin Tuna inherited only the best qualities of its potent parent strains.

Distinguishing Features of Bluefin Tuna AAAA+ Diamonds

Bluefin Tuna Diamonds have crystals or diamonds that are golden brown to amber in color. They are glossy and shiny in appearance, and they come in different sizes - from small diamonds to larger ones. They may look delicate in appearance, but they do have a hard and sticky consistency.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile of Bluefin Tuna AAAA+ Diamonds

Bluefin Tuna strain is known for its high THC level. Some laboratory reports show that its THC content can reach anywhere between 23% and a high of 25%. Some tests also revealed that its THC level can be as high as 27%. But in diamonds though, its potency can reach as high as 99% THC.

Flavors and Aromas of Bluefin Tuna AAAA+ Diamonds

Bluefin Tuna Diamonds has a unique blending of flavor as well as aroma. It has a sort of woody yet flowery scent and flavor. You’ll also get hints of earthiness and citrusy tones. You will also notice some sweetness to its flavor and aroma, with some traces of blueberry tones.

Effects of Bluefin Tuna AAAA+ Diamonds

Bluefin Tuna Diamonds is a favorite of many cannabis connoisseurs for its euphoric as well as uplifting and energizing high. As your high continues, you will feel a strong and heavy body high. Your mind and body will fully relax that, pretty soon, its effects will lull you to sleep.

Medical Conditions

Bluefin Tuna Diamonds is one of the best extracts to use at night. The way it relaxes the mind and body can help patients suffering from insomnia and other sleep problems. Moreover, its powerful analgesic property can also benefit those with chronic pain such as migraine attacks, arthritis, as well as low back pain. Its euphoric effects may also help with anxiety and depression.

Side Effects of Bluefin Tuna AAAA+ Diamonds

Because of its high THC level, Bluefin Tuna Diamonds can cause some dryness of the mouth as well as dryness of the eyes. It is also not uncommon to develop some dizziness and an increase in anxiety and paranoia in large doses, especially if you are not used to high THC cannabis extracts.

Where to Buy Bluefin Tuna AAAA+ Diamonds

You can order Bluefin Tuna Diamonds (Top Price!) from our online dispensary. In just a couple of days, you will receive your order. Best Pot Delivery online dispensary is recognized as one of the most reliable and trusted online weed shops in Canada. We ship premium grade, 100% organic cannabis products to all parts of the country.

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