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Blue Widow Pre-Rolls AAA

  • CAD 5.00

Using only premium-grade hybrid cannabis strain, Blue Widow Pre-Rolls AAA is an Indica-dominant pre-rolled joint at 60% Indica / 40% Sativa. This hybrid cannabis strain is a combination of Blueberry Cross as well as BC local White Widow. Blue Widow Pre-R

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Product Code: Blue Widow Pre-Rolls AAA+

The crossing of two interesting strains is what makes Blue Widow Pre-Rolls AAA one of the best pre-rolled joints in the market. This delectable blending will give you a pleasant high, with its smooth smoke easing away your tension and stress.

The THC content of Blue Widow Pre-Rolls AAA ranges between 15% and 23%. Each puff will give you a robust taste of sweet and aromatic blueberry with hints of citrusy and piney scents, an excellent combination of flavors indeed!

Blue Widow Pre-Rolls AAA is perfect for those who need a quick energy boost at midday. One puff can help relieve your stress and ease away your depression. It will give you a clearer mind so you can focus more on your tasks. This pre-rolled joint is perfect for those who are constantly stressed out and anxious. This is also perfect for those who suffer from migraines and muscle cramps.

Blue Widow Pre-Rolls AAA 1-g pre-rolled joints are sealed in Boveda packets to ensure their freshness. They come in single packets or in packets of 5, 10, 20

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