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Animal Cookies (AAAA)

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Product Code: Animal Cookies

The animal cookie strain is a hybrid marijuana strain that stands out among all other strains. A member of the Girl Scout Cookies line, the strain is a blend of Girl Scout Cookies strain and Fire OG strain. It is widely regarded for its sweet and woody tastes and high levels of THC of 27 percent and presence of CBD. The strain appears in a relatively small popcorn-like bud with yellow-green leaves and purple hues. It brings about massive and full-body effects that excites all weed lovers while providing medicinal properties to eliminate pain, insomnia, and leaving one with euphoria and relaxed. The strain is a potent medicine that also attracts positive effects while also bringing about negative consequences. 

The animal cookies strain has potent medicinal benefits. One, it deals with stress through its full-body high providing effects that uplift the mind, calming it down and eradicating feelings of overwhelming and anxiety. Two, it is an effective painkiller whereby its THC influences the operation of the endocannabinoid system in the body by altering people’s response to pain thereby reducing its effect on an individual. Three,  it cures depression by balancing one’s mood and manipulating the reward-seeking behavior so that one can strive to be happy, excited, comfortable and relaxed. Four, it combats lack of appetite through cannabinoids properties bringing on the munchies by signalling the brain that one is hungry, thereby stimulating an appetite. Five, the relaxing and sedative tendencies of this strain causes the onset of sleep once a user utilizes it. 

The animal cookies strain attracts positive effects. First, it makes one feel relaxed by slowing down an individual, helping them give up control and making one adopt positivism thereby feeling good. Second, it makes one happy by enabling the achievement of comfort despite the situation, inducing laughter, giggle and well-being. Third, it creates euphoria by triggering the production of the feel-good hormone that elicits happiness, contentment and a strong buzz that keeps one overjoyed. Fourth, it causes a user to feel sleepy by its active THC component connecting with brain receptors that control sleep and when one is awake, introducing properties that induce sleep readily. Fifth, increased usage of this strain causes an upsurge in energy and feeling good that provoke positive feeling and satisfaction thus, uplifting an individual.

The strain also brings about negative consequences. One, it causes paranoia by the active THC component bringing into consciousness an individual’s subconscious thoughts and feelings causing anxiety that elicits paranoia. Two, it makes one anxious by THC binding to receptors in the amygdala part of the brain that influences emotional processes, heightening the present of worry sentiments in the brain thereby causing anxiety. Three, it causes dizziness by lowering the blood pressure resulting in a deficit in the brain. Thus, an attempt to move causes gravity change that result in lightheadedness. Four, it elicits drying of eyes due to its active THC component binding receptors in the eye glands preventing the production of tears. Also, it causes the mouth to become dry. The condition occurs because of THC component in the strain binding receptors in the glands and interrupting the communication between them and nerves in the brain. Consequently, the receptors fail to communicate with salivary glands when saliva is necessary, causing failure in production of saliva and dryness of the mouth. 

In conclusion, the animal cookies strain is an appealing strain whose all-body high provides attractive experiences that leaves a user happy and relaxed and treats various medical conditions. On the other hand, it brings about detrimental consequences thus; its users should employ restraint. 

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