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Alien OG (AAA)

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Alien OG strain is one of the most potent strains in the market. An indica-dominant hybrid with a THC content of twenty-eight percent, the strain is a breed of Tahoe OG and Alien Kush. It was first available in California Bay Area in the form of a clone before Cali Connections making it available as a seed. Its intense ‘high’ coupled by heavy body effects emanating from its indica component and a mental buzz makes users celebrate it. Its appearance ranges from bright green to dark green colors with lemonade ad earthy flavors. It is most appropriate for beginners as its heavy-hitter with the first puff eliminates high usage. The potency of the strain elicits its use for medicinal purposes, bringing about favorable positive effects while attracting negative consequences. 

The strain is favorable for various medicinal benefits. One it relieves stress by its full-body ‘high’ bringing about the surrender of control, melting away fears and concerns and stimulating positive emotions, laugh and high spirit. Two, it cures depression by THC boosting the performance of the endocannabinoid system in the body by promoting its mood-regulating abilities, eliminating stress and creating euphoria. Three, it is a potent painkiller whose CBD components produce pain controlling and inflammation preventing properties, which soothes the pain away. Four, it fights insomnia through the cerebral high that provides tranquilizing effects and relaxing the body thereby inducing sleep after two to three puffs. Five, it combats loss of appetite through THC provoking the production of the hunger-causing hormone which, pushes the mind to decide one is hungry, therefore, facilitating an appetite. 

Alien OG strain elicits positive effects. The first effect a user experience is a relaxation due to THC stimulating the mind into a safe and stress-free atmosphere, while the body floats and emits all its tension. Second, it makes a user happy by melting away their problems and triggering the production of the feel-good hormone, triggering happiness and comfort. Third, it uplifts a user by elevating the mood, motivating them, creating a buzz that leaves one giggly, and free and replenishing energy. Fourth, it makes one euphoric by THC entering the bloodstream to the brain and activating its receptors through chemical reactions that make one ‘high.’ Fifth, it induces hunger. The brain consists of cannabinoids chemicals that direct appetite, mood, memory, and pain. When one smokes or ingests the strain, the THC in it binds cannabinoid receptors, acting like the chemicals and tricking the brain that one is hungry thus, provoking an appetite.

The strain attracts very mild negative consequences. One, it causes a dry mouth, a condition that emanates from THC interfering in the proper functioning of salivary gland receptors. Consequently, the receptors fail to pass messages for production of saliva when necessary and the mouth becomes dry. Two, it causes dizzy spells as its high consumption leads to a dip in blood pressure, which reduces the blood flow to the brain causing dizzy spells. Three, it instills anxiety through THC finding its way into the brain organ tasked with overseeing various emotions and escalating its activities, leading to worries and fears. Four, it causes paranoia by inducing the exaggeration of a person’s subconscious feelings, emotions and thoughts to appear as reality. Fifth, it elicits the drying of eyes through THC impeding the normal functioning of eye gland receptors thus, causing lack of production of tears. 

In conclusion, alien OG strain is an exotic and crucial strain of weed that provides an out of this world experience that strikes a balance between its medicinal benefits and positive effects. However, it also attracts negative consequences, which should be a caution to its users.

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Chip - 11/04/2019

Hi, this one is not cheap by my standards but is the cheapest weed on BestPot but I must confess - it is one of the best I have tried from many online dispensaries. Good job!

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