4 Things CBD Won’t Help You Achieve In 2022


CBD is a great cannabinoid, capable of treating the symptoms of a variety of conditions. There’s scientific evidence that shows that CBD can have a positive impact on complex conditions like fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, muscle spasticity, and more.

Over the past couple of years, CBD has become so prominent that it’s now being added into all sorts of things, from supplements to pet products. While the benefits of CBD are there, some companies are stretching them in far-fetched directions. It’s not a miracle cannabinoid, and it helps to have this mentality when first seeking it out. Here are 4 things CBD won’t help you achieve in 2022.

It won’t replace medicine

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While CBD might help treat symptoms of a condition, it’s not medicine and it likely won’t resolve a medical condition on its own. Claims that CBD helps reduce anxiety and improve sleep might have some merit, but claims that CBD cures cancer do not.

It won’t cure everything that affects you

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There’s moderate evidence that indicates CBD is helpful for treating anxiety, inflammation, and some forms of pain. Depending on the method of consumption, it can be ingested orally or applied topically, targeting different areas of your body. Do some research before you purchase, knowing why you’re buying the product and whether it will be effective or not. You should be extra careful considering how crowded and confusing the CBD market is. This guide can help.

You won’t get high from it

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If you want to get high, look elsewhere. While CBD can make you feel relaxed and loose, which is very pleasant, it’s not a psychoactive compound, meaning that your head will stay in its place. Still, a variety of CBD products contain small amounts of THC in order to boost their effects; if you consume a lot of these, you might feel a little high.

It might not affect you at first

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CBD functions differently than THC; it needs to build up in your body before you experience its full range of effects. The first time you use it, you might not experience an effect at all. Play around with it, keeping track of how you feel and giving it a few days of usage and playing around with the dosage.

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